Weekend Board Game Recap – Week 07

This past weekend’s gathering was attended by the nerdier gamers in our group.  This allowed us to keep the party games at home, and focus on games that play a little longer.  We had a great time, and I hope we can up our nerd to casual ratio moving forward.

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Weekend Board Game Recap – Week 06

Despite the Super Bowl being the new most-watched TV broadcast of all time in the US, none of us cared enough about the game to want to sit and watch it for 4 hours.  We instead, chose to have a board game day with the game on in the background.  As always, we had a great time.

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Top Ten Board Game Wishlist Part Two: #5 – #1

Top 10

It’s time for the 2nd half of my top 10 game wishlist.  I got to play one of these titles this past weekend (and very much enjoyed it.)  As mentioned in my last post, this list is fairly liquid, so I expect things to change around a bit as I find more information, or get a chance to try one of these first hand.

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Weekend Board Game Recap

A few friends were in town this weekend (thanks for the box of games Chad!), so it was great to be able to try some new games out that we hadn’t played before. Continue reading